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altBiometrics is a technology used to identify an individual electronically based on their unique biological characteristics. For example, fingerprint detection has long been used to distinguish one individual from another, as each persons fingerprints are never identical. The same concept is built upon in biometrics, allowing a computer to scan in the biometric identifier and compare it against a database for matches.


Control and Safety

security card accessCard Access Control is designed to monitor and control entry access to the premises of the buildings. With such system, each cardholder can have preprogrammed level of access.  This includes entry time zones and door access limitations. Card access system support small businesses with two to three controlled doors, as well as large companies with multiple staff and offices in different cities and even countries.


Security and Simplicity
altWhen it comes to controlled building access to your home, community or business , the keypad entry system is an excellent method for providing a higher level of security in a cost effective format .  Because keypad entry and other keyless access control systems do not require tradional keys; lost, stolen or duplicated keys will not comprise the security of the system.


Access Control at the Push of a Button

telephone accessTelephone entry systems help manage the flow of traffic in, around, and through the premises of a specific location. Our systems are ideal for controlling access to gated communities, commercial buildings, manufacturing plants, high-end residential homes, apartments and condominium buildings.


Building Access

Security is always an important consideration when managinng your home or business. Whether it is the simple act of locking a door, or the more complex task of designing a firewall to protect sensitive information, vigilant security has become a normal part of everyday life.  As such, as security equipmet and techniques have continued to improve, so has the determination of would-be intruders to defeat current existing security measures. To address this on going problem, security has evolved into a hierarchical structure; with access control always positioned in either the first or second tier.Controlling access to your facilities and its assets is fundamental for a safe and secure environment. Balancing building access control with providing convenient access is a major security challenge for any organization. Access control devices, as the name would suggest, are used to restrict access to areas or devices for security purposes.

CES designs, fabricates, installs and supports feature-rich access control systems that meet the most stringent security requirements and government regulations. Our systems provide encryption and authentication to enable tamper-proof communications between controllers and workstations. Our access control systems offer:

  • Easy control of access points—doors, gates, parking garages, elevators, production areas, data centres, research labs, operating suites, etc.
  • Flexible access scheduling
  • Customized forms and templates for editing and managing personnel access rights
  • Effective identification through photo badging or biometrics
  • Permissions based access to designated security zones
  • Single card systems that allow for decentralised control of security zones
  • A flexible, programmable, scalable and networkable solution
  • Seamless integration with other security applications, badging systems, and personnel records
  • Interoperability with third-party devices, easy expansion, and future-proof investment, because our systems are based on open protocols

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