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altBiometrics is a technology used to identify an individual electronically based on their unique biological characteristics. For example, fingerprint detection has long been used to distinguish one individual from another, as each persons fingerprints are never identical. The same concept is built upon in biometrics, allowing a computer to scan in the biometric identifier and compare it against a database for matches.

Biometric technology can be of two kinds: physiological or behavioral. Physiological indicators are physical characteristics, like retinas or DNA markers; whereas examples of behavioral indicators are signatures or voice patterns. There are a number of unique characteristics which are ideal candidates for authentication.

The components of a biometric device usually include an input device, a database containing potential matches, and a control program to determine the action based on authentication results. Different configurations exist for various applications, however essentially the core components vary only slightly.

The advantage of biometric security is the increased difficulty involved in defeating the system as compared to more conventional security systems. As expected duplicating a peron's fingerprints is much more complex than cracking a computer password. Switching from conventional security measures to biometric physical access control eliminates the need for multiple passwords and different processes and integrates all access allowance into one touch of the finger, or scan of the eye, or swipe of a 2D barcode card. Biometric applications not only enhance security but also efficiency in the workplace.

CES is a  leading biometric security, monitoring and system integration services provider. We design, install, integrate and maintain complex security and monitoring systems, providing organizations unparalleled access control of their facilities.  including fingerprint, AFIS, facial recognition, hand geometry, iris recognition, retina-scan, voice recognition, signature verification, and keystroke dynamics.

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