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Building Access Card Access

Card Access

Control and Safety

security card accessCard Access Control is designed to monitor and control entry access to the premises of the buildings. With such system, each cardholder can have preprogrammed level of access.  This includes entry time zones and door access limitations. Card access system support small businesses with two to three controlled doors, as well as large companies with multiple staff and offices in different cities and even countries.

Access system does not require replacement of existing doors or garage opener equipment. Controller database is managed by computer which is connected through RS232 (direct) or via LAN (internet) communication connection. One computer can support many controllers and remote properties. Advanced software has list of access points, card readers and user activity history.

Built-in Access Control Scheduler is a convenient tool to manage user data in the system. This tool can restrict or allow access. Administrators can schedule events that will be performed automatically by the system. This includes lock/unlock the different areas of access, download databases, backup and etc. For the allocation of access permissions on various points, this system allows to restrict access to logically groups. Each system operator can assign one or more subdivisions for the controller, which are associated with levels of access, types and formats of ID cards, etc. It also allows more efficient use of controller memory devices.

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