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Maintenance and Repair

repairAutomatic gate systems are made up of numurous mechanical and electrical parts that receive constant and repetive use, remaining under extreme stress for much of their lives. As such, in order to keep even the hardiest automated gate systems running with optimal peak efficiency, periodic maintenance is required.  By performing regular scheduled maintenance to your gate system you can avoid costly service calls, preserve the life of your system and receive years of quality gate performance.


CES offers Annual Renewable Maintenance contracts in Two (2), Four (4) and Six (6) visit options that include:

  • Spraying and lube of all mechanical parts.
  • Cleaning circuitry of dust, insect nests and debris.
  • Testing and diagnostics of emergency and safety devices.
  • Adjustment of gate hardware such as rollers, chains and hinges.
  • Re-alignment of gate to avoid dragging.
  • Check and clean gate track to ensure smooth gate glide and reduction of noise
  • Provide to the customer a detailed inspection report including recommendation of additional service that may be needed.


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24-Hour Repair
When a gate fails, access is compromised, costing the customer valuable time, security and money. As such the need for immediate gate repair is critical! It's reassuring that there is an expert here for you. With CES you can relax knowing that an experienced, reliable and prompt company is just a phone call away. With CES our full-service highly skilled technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to repair your gate, getting it up and running as quickly as possible. Whether it is parts replacement, mechanical adjustmets or technical expertise, that is required, CES has you covered.

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