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Parking Control Automatic Vehicle Identification

Automated Vehicle Identification

Passive UHF (Ultra High Frequency) radio frequency identification technology creates an ideal solution for automated vehicle identification in parking applications. Compared to the solutions that are currently available – namely, passive LF (Low Frequency) and HF (High Frequency) – the reading distance achieved is several times longer.

The reader also recognizes tags on the windshield of a moving car, so that drivers do not even need to stop for identification, or to open the car window to enter access codes or push buttons to get a ticket. Passive UHF technology is also reliable in heavy rain, or in cold, subzero temperatures. The passive UHF tag is non-battery-operated. It simply uses the energy radiating from the reader – thus eliminating the problem of limited tag lifetime that arises in active, (i.e., battery-powered) RFID technology. Idesco’s UHF reader and a small tag on a car’s windshield can easily manage incoming and exiting vehicles. The tag can be placed on the windshield permanently, or it can be removable. Depending on the tag type, the same tag can also be used as an access control card for entering a building.

Controlled Entry Specialists UHF solutions are used in several types of vehicle monitoring installations, e.g., at airports, parking facilities, and industrial sites. Feedback from both clients and their customers has been excellent.

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